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Are you moving in or around the Las Vegas area? Do you need to find a local moving company with a good reputation that can help to ensure you get the results you need from this current moving experience? Well if you are anywhere in the Las Vegas area, then that also means you are a quick phone call (and a hop skip and a jump as well!) away from Class A Moving! We are your prime time moving company, and go to cheap movers in the region, and it is our pleasure to provide the residents and future residents of Las Vegas with very best moving services available.


We show you the goods, and then we deliver them! Class A Moving is one of the few full service moving companies you will find that is entirely comprehensive, while still maintaining some of the best moving company rates in the business. We make sure that our prices are always as competitive as possible, and we do so with a great big smile on our face. This is due to our unusual dedication to the overall customer experience, and unusually high standards for customer service and overall attentiveness. Our staff members are well aware of these high standards, and they deliver on these standards with beautiful consistency.


We take extra special care and pride with the job that we do, and each moving project that we take on is met with a fresh perspective and a new set of eyes so that we can ensure that the job is being done to the very fullest of our abilities. One of the reasons Class A Moving is such a popular moving company in the Las Vegas area, is because of this special dedication to the overall customer experience that you just won’t get from many other moving companies.


Just remember, if you are looking to move anywhere in the Las Vegas area, and you want to find a moving company that can get you moved out the right way, without charging you an arm and a leg for their services, you don't need to look any further than Class A Moving. Contact us today and let us know your moving situation, and we can get started soon! We look forward to speaking with you!





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